​​Competitive benchmarking, also referred to as competitive intelligence, is part of a continuous improvement strategy that enables you to improve the customer experience by closing the gap between your brand and industry leaders on key performance indicators.

 Competitive benchmarking is used to:

  • Determine how your company compares to your competition on key performance indicators
  • ​Identify best practices being used by your competition
  • Detect changes in the competitive landscape


​​ Benchmarking process:

  • Identify key performance indicators
  • Define data collection method
  • Determine competititon
  • Collect brand and competitive data on key performance indicators
  • Evaluate results
  • Determine performance gap
  • Establish feasible goals
  • Develop action plans
  • Implement specific action steps
  • Monitor progress
  • Update benchmarks​


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What you need to know about your competitors

  • The products or services they offer
  • How they market them to their customers
  • The prices they charge
  • How they deliver their products
  • How do they engage their customers
  • How do they create brand advocates​
  • How they treat their customers
  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • The impact they could have on your brand