Anonymous Insights offers a variety of programs to ensure that your stores and franchise locations are adhering to your brand standards.  Our nationwide network of over 100,000 auditors can provide real-time conditions at the store level.   We offer the following types of audits:

  • Pricing Audits
    • ​​Correct price
    • ​Correct label
  • Merchandising Audits
    • ​Correct position in the store and on the shelf
    • Correct number of facings
    • No out-of-stocks
    • Signage, POS materials, end cap display
  • Inventory Audits
    • ​SKU/UPC Counts
  • ​Alcohol and Tobacco Audits
    • ​Law compliance
    • ​Brand compliance
  • ​Safety Audits
    • ​​Labeling and Signage
    • Cleanliness
    • ​Hazard assessment
    • ​OSHA compliance

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Performing these types of audits will minimize pricing discrepancies and out-of-stocks, maximize sales through proper product placement and availabily, and avoid legal issues.​

Use our team for these audits so that your team can focus on your brand.  Anonymous Insights uses auditors who are experienced and certified.  Real-time results are made available through our mobile platform.​​​​​

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